Great Battles
of the
Greatest Wars

The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy,
so that he cannot fathom your real intent.

Your Mission

Commander, your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet and take control of the map.
The enemy fleet is hidden. So you must rely on your wits and tactical abilities to seek and destroy their fleet. Your fleet may be different than theirs but your firepower is not inferior to your enemy. If you succeed in winning the war, you will become the Master Commander.

The BattleBook

Your Battlebook contains a scorecard and 20 maps. On the Scorecard, you will write down your name and your opponent’s name for every battle. After each battle, you will take a sticker of a cup and place it next to the winner’s name. The commander with the most wins will claim the title of “Master Commander”. Each map has the following:

Historical Brief: Here you can learn about the WW2 battle in the region that you’ll be fighting over. Next to the brief, there is a QR code. You can scan this code to go to our website to find a detailed version of the battle, with pictures and simulations.

Names: Pick the country you will fight for, and write your name next to your country’s flag. Also write your opponent’s name next to the other flag. Take note of the legends next to your name and your opponent’s name.

The Grid: Each square that matches your legend (next to your name) is under your command. You can only place your units on the squares you command. Your opponent’s squares match your opponent’s legend. Now you know which squares your opponent commands.

Your Fleet

Here is the list of units in your fleet and the number of squares they occupy:

Battleships: 4 squares
Destroyers: 3 squares
Torpedo boats: 2 squares
Bomber Planes: 4 squares
Fighter Planes: 3 squares
Paratroopers: 2 squares

You can choose between planes or boats, but you cannot combine them.

Rules of Warefare

Unit Placement

Each square that matches your legend (next to your name) is under your command. Your units may only be placed on the squares that match the color of your legend.

No unit is allowed to be placed on white squares.

You must place your units strategically on the board. Your units must be placed either vertically or horizontally. Diagonal placement is forbidden. You must ensure that no part of a unit may hang off the edge of the board, no unit should overlap another, nor should any unit be placed on top of another.

You must allocate 6 units for each battle. Once the battle has begun, you cannot move your units. So place your units wisely.

Commencing The Battle

You are to fire your missiles by calling out the coordinates. If  your missile hits an enemy unit, your opponent will call out “Hit”. Otherwise, your opponent will call out “Miss”.

You must mark your board with red for hit, and blue for miss.

For example:
If you call out B6 and your opponent does not have any unit located at B6, your opponent will respond with “Miss”.

You will mark your board at B6 with a blue dot and your opponent will do the same on his/her map. After this, it will be your opponent’s turn to fire at your units.

But if you hit one of your opponent’s units, your opponent will respond with “Hit”.

You’ll then mark with a red X at B6.

Your opponent will do the same on his/her map. You can now continue firing your missiles until you miss.

If all of the squares on your opponent’s unit have been hit, the unit will be destroyed. Your opponent will then announce “Hit and destroyed!”

Use your wits to seek and destroy the enemy’s entire fleet to win the battle. Remember, the fate of the war rests in you.

Good luck Commander!

1st Player’s area of positioning the units

2nd Player’s area of positioning the units

White spaces, no units allowed

Marking a miss with a blue dot

Marking a hit with a red X


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