The Introduction

You are buffs who spend their leisure over historical military miniatures?

Do you want to gallop on horseback as commander of the Roman legions, or stand alongside Napoleon himself?

Or you do not know what to do with your leisure time, and looking for an interesting hobby that would fulfill your needs, give way your abilities and adventurous spirit?


The cradle of the resin diorama is a picturesque Highlands Region characterized by beautiful nature and rich in UNESCO. It located in the Czech Republic, a small country in the middle of Europe with the rich history. Here, in the small town called Velka Bites in 1992 the story of Czech collectible figurines is written. The origin founders are the spouses Grégr. More about us you can read in the News section.

What we offer

About Us

"Qua Vadis?"

Quality without compromise

Great Battles series products are cast from the high quality polyurethane resins called Sika. Thanks to the perfect properties of this material, including excellent detail reproduction and resistance (moderate flexibility significantly reduces the risk of damage to small parts), we can offer beautiful and detailed figures in an incredibly realistic battle scenes that will become the jewel of your collection.

Handmade production and careful control

Although during casting we use a vacuum chamber to remove bubbles from the products, of course it is handmade, which begins at the initial modeling of the master (base model figurines), through the production of molds and casting. And all it ends with a final quality control and packaging.

The journey begins and ends with us

We believe that the best bridge between the product and our customer, is without intermediaries. Just reliable communication goes both of ways and we can offer a high quality product with the reasonable price.

Great Battles - Unspoken secrets

Do you like surprises? And who not? We, the Great Battles, know why we keep our secrets, which you'll able to discover yourself through the great battlefields of war confrontation.


Tajemná bitva na úsvitu 7BC

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